Reflection – Anna Byrne DC

Stewards of generosity
‘Each one must give as he has decided in his heart.’ (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

It seems that a there is a recurring them in the topic of Stewardship: giving of time, heart, money. Here again we see Paul urging the Corinthians to follow through on their previous commitment to give generously to meet the needs of Jerusalem Christians. Paul now begins to talk about why giving in this way matters so much, both for the givers and those who receive the gift. He begins by referencing Proverbs 11:24–26 to cite a general principle. This holds true both in the natural and spiritual worlds: larger harvests typically require larger planting. The one who sows less seed can expect to have less grain. The one who plants more seed will have a more bountiful harvest. (v6.)

Paul wants the Corinthians to catch the vision that their financial contributions to the needs of other believers can bring spiritual results. The more they can “plant” out of a heart of true love for their spiritual sisters and brothers, the more that love will bear fruit. Those results are not in money coming back to the Corinthians, but in the spiritual lives of the givers and those who receive their gifts. In that sense, money becomes more than just money. It becomes evidence of love given in the name of Christ.

God calls on everyone to decide in his or her heart and mind how much to give. They should then follow through on that conviction. It should never be more than one has. Giving to God should not be seen as a tax or an obligation, a gift of money or anything else is only called a gift when the giver is not obligated to hand it over.

Again, we are reminded that God loves cheerful givers. The opportunity to give to meet the needs of others should delight God’s children. When it does, He is delighted in them.

I pray that you will create in me a generous heart that gives freely, abundantly, and with joyful purpose! Please use me to be a blessing to someone else. I pray 2 Corinthians 9:6, over my life, so that I may walk in the favour and receive the blessings you have for me. Amen.