Prayer – for NHS from Church of England

For carers and health professionals

Heavenly Father,
whose blessed Son came not to be served but to serve:
bless all who, following in his steps,
give themselves to the service of others;
that with wisdom, patience, and courage,
they may minister in his name to the suffering and the needy;
for the love of him who laid down his life for us,
your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

In Musgrave Park Hospital today and this lovely card supplied by My Painted Bear has been a real blessing to so many patients and staff. The joy of sharing the words of The Lord’s Prayer together.

Pentecost Prayer

God of power,
may the boldness of your Spirit transform us,
may the gentleness of your Spirit lead us,
may the gifts of your Spirit
be our goal and our strength,
now and always. Amen.

(As printed in the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship)
Photograph Belfast City Hospital Church


 “Dear Lord, help me – every single morning – to find faith in the midst of the chaos. Give me the desire and ability to see you, hear you, talk to you, and give thanks to you. And as I do, I pray that I will draw nearer and nearer to you, and that my faith will multiply exponentially as I understand in new, deeper ways that you are everything I ever hoped you would be, and so much more. Amen.” 

Kelly O’Dell Stanley

Reflection from Anna Byrne DC

(Prayers for a lifetime by Karl Rahner, Page 85)
Lord, see the spirits which trouble us all around, grant us the gift of discriminating between them. Give us the knowledge which will prove its value in our daily longing for You: the knowledge that if we seek for You and long for You, it will be Your spirit that will bring calm, peace and confidence, freedom and simple clarity, while all spirits of unrest and anxiety, perplexity and heavy depression will come from our own nature or be demons of darkness. Give us the Spirit of Your comfort. Lord, we know that even in days to You.